the film

15 year-old Mika only thinks about lover ́s grief and sex. Till he runs into Lea - smart, terrible alive and deaf since birth. To impress his ex-girlfriend Sandra, Mika registers for a course in sign language. His family and friends are skeptic, and Mika himself starts feeling doubts: the world of the deaf is much different than his own. But when Sandra wants Mika back at her side Mika realizes that he already took Lea to his heart.

”I wanted to get in there and kidnap my Ex.
I wanted to throw her over my shoulder like a Neanderthal,
drag her to the S-Bahn and take her back home.”

„Freak City“ will be a 110min feature film, based on the novel by Kathrin Schrocke. Deaf characters of the story will be played by deaf actors, and even the team will be mixed: hearing and deaf team members. Furthermore we´re working with barrier-free design medium within the heart of the story and cinematic realisation. After two years of preparation and the Wim Wenders Scholarship for project development we started principal shooting in August-October in Berlin. As we didn´t receive public funds and couldn´t win broadcaster for the film, we´re financing the shooting with crowdfunding, sponsoring and a lot of personal contribution. We’re in Postproduction right now and our Crowdfunding starts all over again to cover costs of all finishing steps.

writer of the novel

Kathrin Schrocke is born 1975 in Augsburg and spends her childhood in a small Bavarian village. Already at school Kathrin says she wants to become a writer later on. After studying German philology and psychology at Bamberg she starts working as a press officer and teacher in adult education. At the same time she studies children and youth literature by correspondence studies in Vienna. Since 2003 she works as a freelance writer. Her books won many awards - recently she won Best Youth Novel International at the book fair Krakow. Kathrin Schrocke lives in Essen, Ruhr. She is represented by the Literary Agency Michael Meller in Munich. Her children books are published under the pseudonym Amina Paul.

Thank you for your support, Kathrin!

the team

Andreas „Kanne" Kannengießer

director / DOP

Birgit Stauber

script writer / producer

Claudia Engl

1. AD

Andreas Doeltgen

consultant sign language and deaf culture

Cäcilia Then


Marion Hoppen


Kathrin Eckert

2. AD

Jakob Klapprott

2. AD

Christian Klandt

gaffer /support

Hermann Scheifele

3. AD

Matthias Genz


Max Keller


interpreters - DGS, german sign language

Laura Häußer, Svea Loy, Larissa Rimkus, Janis Echterhoff, Mia Schubach, Sabine Conradi, Mira-Esther Weischet, Tamara Bittner, Merve Dogan, Luise Berthold, Bab Goretzki, Tilla Reichert, Angy Sequeira Gerardo, Christina Müller, Lisa Leonhardt, Flo Köhler, Ulrike Steinseifer, Antje Dörner, Lena Kristina Brückmann, Lola Tome, Lia Walendy, Henri Juche, Emilie „Mille“ Skovdal Jepsen









Eugen Krößner

Mikas father „Sven"

Mira-Esther Weischet


Heiko Pinkowski

Leas Father

Ann Pollmann

Leas Mother

Joséphine Oeding

Leas Sister „Cindy"

Andreas Costrau

Alex Metzner

Paulina Güllü


as himself

Flo Schneider

„Flo“, musician

Birgit Stauber

Mikas mother „Suse"

Sophia & Oma

„Iris“ & Oma



Judith Hoersch




Tobias Wegner








Cansu Yildiz




Jennifer Dühnfort




Viki Kovacs

„Sci-Fi Girl"

Michael Ruscheinsky


Juliane Stiefken

Calimeros Mother