With a nearly finished film we´re ready for the right partners - national and international distributors, world sales. We´re looking forward to hearing from you!

contactspring 2018

Fall, get up, set the crown, go on

We´re back to work. On the creative side we´re on the eve of finalizing the picture lock and are excited about the music suggestions of our composer. In parallel we´re working on a time and cash flow plan for the film release and distribution.

january 2018

…and so bitterly cold

We´re still lacking 25.000€ to complete the postproduction. All attempts to close the gap (film fundings, foundations, investors) fail. We´re reducing our running costs to an absolute minimum - and stop our work with a heavy heart for the time being.

winter 2017

New life

On December 6th Freak City director Andreas Kannengießer becomes a Dad again! A warm welcome to the new earthling Wim!

december 2017

Thank you

A heartfelt thank you to Matthias Genz and his Trarpalast, as well as to the audience of the first two test screenings! We highly appreciate and are grateful for the discussions with all of you about the film - a foretaste of the future film experience. We can´t wait to work on the final edit - ready for the picture lock!

september 2017


We´re going full speed with our preparations for the first test screenings: we want the best feedback that´s possible, which means that we need a barrier-free version for deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people. We´re captioning our film. 125mins = 1300 subtitles.

august 2017

Plus-Minus List

Shortly before the first anniversary of our first day of filming we take stoke: we can´t go on like that and definitely have to ask for support again. Our goal is still to finish the film in the end of 2017 - in July it´s written in the stars, if we will really make it

july 2017

German ADR

We build our very own sound studio in Andreas´ apartment, compile the German sync book - and record sound files with our actors for four months. Our financial situation changes for the worse - in April we lay open our finances in a Live Chat

spring - summer 2017

Paper work & editing

We send out contracts, employ 40 actors, write 2x300 thank-you posts on facebook and twitter - and watch 50 hours rough footage. In addition to that the first rough edit comes into existence. With unexpected costs from 2016 we slip in the red for the first time

winter 2016/17


We film on 31 days in Berlin - a screenplay that was calculated with 2 Mio €uro with a crowdfunding budget of around 25.000€. Every cent goes directly into the film - three times we are close to stopping filming due to supply shortfall. Without the support of our CrowdFUNders and our cast/team there would be no film at all

July-October 2016

Preproduktion, Crowdfunding and the 1st shooting Day

At full speed we go into preproduction - more or less in a threesome (special thanx to Claudia Engl!). Parallel we start our crowdfunding (barrier-free communication in three languages: German, German Sign Language and English). On July 27th 2016 we start filming

May - July 2016

The German Film Funding System

Without a TV station and/or a distributor as partners, the film funding we´ve applied for rejects Freak City. At Berlin-Mauerpark we decide to make the film anyway - with a crowdfunding. No thoughts about filming in 3D at this very moment

May 2016

„Aber Baby“

With our lead actors Luke and Dana (we´ve finally found them!) we film the music video „Aber Baby“ - it´s the first time on set with deaf people, an invaluable experience!

spring 2016

Screenplay Development, German Sign Language classes and Casting

We´re more than highly motivated, do a lot of research, look for our lead actors all over Germany and write the first draft of our screenplay for a 3D feature film

summer 2015 - spring 2016

Wim Wenders Scholarship

In March we apply for project development, together with our deaf consultant Andreas Doeltgen - and the Wim Wenders Foundation says yes for our scholarship in June: 25.000€!

spring 2015


We explore the world of teenagers and of deaf people - and run into the novel „Freak City“ by Kathrin Schrocke

winter 2014

Blind Date

Kannengießer and Stauber meet for the first time in Berlin-Kreuzberg. They´re in the same agency and wanna check out if they wanna work on something someday

summer 2014